Benefits of Buying a Floating Bedside Table This Holiday Season

Some people want to stick with the tried-and-true, as evidenced by the fact that their alarm clocks continue to rest on the tried-and-true wooden bedside table with four legs firmly placed on the ground. Nevertheless, in recent years, modern floating bedside tables have become more popular than conventional ones.

Floating bedside tables are a new kind of bedside table. They are just wall-mounted bedside tables, like shelves, but without the shelves’ legs. When viewed from a distance, they give the impression of being suspended in midair. They are the kind of bedside table that a minimalist or anyone else who is struggling with space constraints would probably go for in the bedroom.

The cool thing about floating nightstand is that they free up a lot of room beneath, which can either be used for storage or left open for a minimalist aesthetic. In addition, if there is an electrical outlet beneath your nightstand, you will have incredibly simple access to it. They can be placed in confined spaces without taking up as much room as a standard bedside table.

They are typically lighter and smaller than conventional ones. In addition, they feature contemporary and minimalist styles that can breathe a significant amount of charm into your bedroom.

The fact that they may fit into tighter quarters than a standard bedside table makes them a popular choice amongst consumers. Having additional space is great, but a bedside floating shelf also has its benefits. We’ll list several advantages that you probably won’t have thought of.

Advantages Of Modern Floating Bedside Tables

There are benefits to having equipment that floats rather than ones that are grounded in the ground or resting on a couple of feet. The primary advantage is that they reveal the ground, which not only creates the illusion of more space but also makes it much simpler to clean. Despite this, floating bedside tables offer a plethora of additional benefits.


So, let’s begin with the blatantly apparent, shall we? In all seriousness, in comparison to a standing bedside, a floating bedside shelf will help you save a significant amount of space because the total footprint of the floating bedside table is smaller. Not only that, but it opens up the whole area aesthetically, which creates the impression that there is more room than there actually is. This happens because you have a greater view of your floor if it is not occupied with furniture.

Every single one of our bedside tables has a roomy drawer, and some of them also have a shelf for additional storage. This is because we take great care to ensure that there is sufficient space for storage on all of our bedside tables so that you do not end up with clutter all over everything.

Clean and Sleek

I think it’s safe to say that no one likes to go to sleep with dust mites swarming around their pillow.  When you have a hanging bedside table, it is a dozen times simpler to clean the area surrounding your bed because there is no cumbersome furniture that you need to shift each time. Anything that can reduce the amount of time spent cleaning is a win in our book.

Cost Efficient

Wall hung bedside tables make use of less material than your typical bedside table, and as a result, they are typically more affordable than a standard bedside table. They are an excellent choice to make if you are looking for something constructed of solid wood that is both high-quality and affordable.

Storage Space Under The Bed

Floating bedside drawers are an excellent method to use dead space for storage, which is vital for those who live in small spaces and are aware of the importance of making the most of every inch of available space. Instead of having to shift your bedside table every time you want to retrieve something from your bedside drawer, you will have very simple access to it if you have a floating shelves bedside table.

Those shelves as bedside tables are a must-have in any bedroom right now. Also, if you were concerned about the installation process, you shouldn’t be because it is quite easy and we provide all the necessary fittings. But don’t take our word for it; instead, read some of our comments where people comment about how simple it was.


Regardless of the size or design of the bedroom, floating bedside tables are a practical addition that should be considered. Before turning in for the night, it is very helpful to have a spot where one may set a book and a glass of water down. On the other hand, the practicality of a floating bedside table shouldn’t be the sole factor in your decision. The article of furniture will provide some flair to the bedroom whilst simultaneously matching the aesthetics that you gravitate toward. There is absolutely no justification for not having a floating nightstand now that there are so many inventive solutions available.

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