What Can You Watch on WOW TV Premium Networks?

Every household nowadays needs to have 2 things to educate and entertain: TV and Wi-Fi. It’s through these mediums that we can stay up to date with current events, understand different perspectives and opinions, and find countless hours of joy and entertainment online. Since human beings are social creatures, it helps to have strong connections to people and the world around them.

So, naturally, picking the best service provider is important. A lot of people’s priorities in such cases is picking a provider that will benefit them long-term and one that has consistent quality.

Have You Considered WOW?

One of the quickly rising stars within the service provider industry is WOW! and that’s not the only wowing factor about it. Despite being present in limited areas in just 6 states in the United States, WOW! has managed to provide excellent customer service with fast and reliable internet.

Not just that, but it has exclusive TV plans for the whole family to enjoy!

We recommend pairing a WOW TV plan with an internet plan because that way, you get twice the benefits but at a fraction of the cost.

WOW Bundles

If you are interested in pairing up WOW! Internet and TV together, the most affordable option comes up to $94.99 per month, which features a speed of 1 Gbps with 80+ channels. This internet speed will enable you to send and receive data efficiently, while also letting you manage an entire database!

It is one of WOW’s best value bundles but if you were looking for more channel options, the larger bundle would suit you best as it comes with 160+ channels. The cost is a bit steeper, as it comes up to $154.99 per month but with a fast internet speed of 500 Mbps, it’s a smart investment.

Whether you’re old-fashioned and would prefer to watch traditional cable TV, or you want to stream the latest TV shows via the internet, the choice is completely yours! With WOW’s user-friendly interface, customers get to access the content they want, in whatever way they want!

WOW TV+ and How to Set It Up

WOW TV+ is a premier watching platform that offers more options than traditional cable TV does, and while third-party partners are often involved in cable programs, WOW TV+ is free from all such restrictions. This gives the viewer an unparalleled viewing experience and one of the first things you need to get is a WOW TV+ box since it includes some features that other smart devices don’t – features like pausing live television, using a Google Voice Assistant remote, and many others.

In order to access WOW TV+ content, you need to be a current customer and should be subscribed to 1 of 3 WOW TV+ plans. Once you fulfill these criteria, all that’s left to do is place an order for the self-installation kit and set it up!
Your DIY kit should come with 5 things inside – an HDMI cable, a power adapter, a remote control, a WOW TV+ box, and a small guidebook.

First, you’ll have to connect your WOW TV+ box, by connecting the HDMI cable to the box and the TV port.
Once the cable is connected, you can then connect your box wirelessly using WOW’s reliable Wi-Fi, or an Ethernet cable should work fine too.

The next step is to connect your box to a power outlet, through the adapter provided in the kit, and it should automatically turn on!

It’ll take at least 5 minutes or less for your WOW TV+ box to update the software and once that’s done, you should see some on-screen prompts to follow. It’ll then give you steps on how to connect and pair your remote via Bluetooth.

The final step is to just sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and TV channels!

What’s on WOW TV+?

Now that you understand how to set it up, you’re probably wondering what is actually on WOW TV+ and that really depends on the plan you select and the area you reside in.

If you select the large plan, you’ll gain access to more channels, while on the other hand, if you select the small plan, you’ll obviously still have a lot of viewing material but not as many as you would have with the larger plan.

For instance, if you reside in Alabama and you’ve selected the large plan for WOW TV+, you’ll be given instant access to Cinemax, Max, E! Entertainment, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and all other entertainment and sports giants. You can also record live TV and watch it when you want to! Gone are the days when you’d miss a game due to a late work meeting, or an episode of your favorite show because you were stuck in traffic!

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